Bled 2006

Welcome to VIPSI Bled 2006 page!

Here you can put comments, pictures, impressions about VIPSI conferences!

Password for editing this wiki is "vipsi"!



According to proposed idea, a new wiki is created: .

I am very bussy, so have a little patience with migration (expesially pictures) i am douing.

Right now, you do not have to enter password in order to edit pages on new wiki. You can enter

password and email (so you create your account) and let other people know it was you who edited page.

I do not see this as a lack of security becouse anybody can revert previous version of page and nobody can permanently delete any page or file, so no data can be ever lost.



This link is now obsolate


*( Link to the second Wiki (ipsi) )

Is there a chance that all the people from Belgrade could meet one day and bring all their photos and then we could give them all to Bane and he can put in on Wiki so that they are available for everybody. I can understand that many people are very busy and don't have the time to do it themselves. Also, it would be nice to see all of you guys again. :)







The pages of the wiki site are:


Open discussion -- THE focus of the site is discussion


Resources of the site


Instructions for editing,etc-- how to play


Links to photo galleries-- great pictures of beautiful prople


People and their emails -- the telephone book - email style


Organisations -- Friends of IPSI


Greetings -- Say hello


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