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People and their emails

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Here are the people from the conference and their emails:


Aleš Zamuda ( ales.zamuda@uni-mb.si )


Borivoje Corluka a.k.a. Bora ( bora@3dnet.co.yu) owner and director of 3Dnet ISP


Branimir Milosavljevic a.k.a. Bane ( bane@3dnet.co.yu, homepage: http://bane.3dnet.co.yu ) head of R&D department of 3Dnet ISP


Sašo Tomažič ( saso.tomazic@fe.uni-lj.si )


Sanida Omerović ( sanida.omerovic@lkn1.fe.uni-lj.si )


Aleš Zavec ( ales.zavec@fe.uni-lj.si )


Zoran Babovic ( zbabovic@rti7020.etf.bg.ac.yu ) CDO of IPSI Belgrade


Darko Jovic ( sparrow@galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu ) CRO of IPSI Belgrade


Aleksandar Prijic ( aleksap(at)galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu ) IPSI Belgrade


Miroslav Radakovic ( radacha@galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu ) IPSI Belgrade


Bojana Milasinovic ( bmilasinovic@gmail.com ) IPSI Belgrade


Ana Naumovic ( ananaumovic@yahoo.com ) IPSI Belgrade


Milos Milovanovic ( milos.milovanovic@bsc.es )


Ivana Teodor ( ivanateodor@sezampro.yu )


Marija Radovic ( marija.radovic@gmail.com )


Vesna Pavlovic ( vesna.pavlovic@gmail.com )


Anton Kos ( anton.kos@fe.uni-lj.si )


Tom Greene( tjg@mit.edu)


Jasna Milovanovic ( jasna.milovanovic@gmail.com )


Violetta Trofimova ( violet_trofimova@mail.ru )

Please, add your email and picture if you have it

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