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The Journey from Belgrade

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

Here are some photos of jurney of group from Belgrade and rest of the Serbia.

The plan was 5 hour ride, a very optimistic one as we soon found out...


Somewhere near Zagreb and 30 kliks from Slovenia a car broke down.

It was Mercedes, but it was older that its driver so we forgave it (the car, not the driver which had to live with his shame for the rest of journey :)


High spirits no matter what.


Yes, the ladies had to go you-know-where....


Two vehicles from column separated

(after we determined that crew from broken down car won't starve or freeze to death :)

and went into Slovenia on its own, having a stop on beautifull little river island of Otocac

(correct name if I am wrong, please).


Director of 3Dnet ISP Borivoje was interested in new ways of improving his employees productivity and motivation to work by implementing some old, well proven methods... Our passanger Visnja disagreed to be volunteer for a test of machine :)


The nature and those three swans are beautifull, aren't they?


Thanks to our knowledgeble guide, we leared lot of things about this place and Slovenia in general.


And last but not the least, a man who took a great pleasure to ignore his day job (something we like very much here in Serbia :) so he can compose this little story for You.

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